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Our Professional team with passion

Vito Team

Vito (23) (178cm+) Professional Workout Trainer, Coach of Ball Games
Jason (22) (183cm+) Professional Workout Trainer
Ringo (23) (181cm+) Professional Workout Trainer & Bodybuilder
Rayne(25) (175cm+) Skillful Gym Coach & Boxing Coach
Carson (23) (183cm+) Professional Workout Trainer & Bodybuilder
Jake (18) (173cm+) Gym Fit Student
Danny (19) (173cm+) Student, Sporty Fit Type
Jeffrey (19)  (176cm+) Sport University Student, Tanned Gym Fit Type, Mixed
WK (24) (173cm+) Skillful Gym Coach , Gym Fit Type 
Jun (21) (178cm+) Gym Personal Trainer, Tanned Gym Fit Type
Bishop (23) (173cm+) Skillful Gym Coach & Boxing Coach, sunshine

Our Professional team with passion

Jupiter Team

Jerry (19) (178cm+) Slim Fit Image Consultant
Teddy (19) (177cm+) Student , Slim Fit
Kenji (21) (178cm+) Dancer, Tall Sporty Fit Type
Nic (20) (178cm+) Slim Fit Water Sport Expert, Image Consultant
Jasper (21) (180cm+) Slim Fit Basketball Coach
Alex (19) (175cm+) Diploma Student, Slim Fit, Good Massage
Zeno (23) (178cm+) Sport Coach, Handsome
Adrian (20) (178cm+) Sporty Fit University Student
Pan (19) (178cm+)Slim & Cute University Student
Nash (22) (170cm+) Slim & Cute University Student
Anselm (21) (173cm+) Sporty, Workout Trainer
Cyrus (19) (173cm+) Sporty, Student
Jun (23) (178cm+) Gym Fit Coach
Joseph (18) (175cm+) Sporty student, badminton player
David (18) (178cm+) Sporty student, Track and Field Athlete

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